Salsa Practice Music

I often have people ask me to recommend music (salsa and other styles) to listen to and, more importantly, practice their dance steps to, so over the coming months, I’ve decided to put together a few playlists of my favourite slow to medium speed songs that are ideal for practice, along with some faster songs that I love to listen to.

Please comment below to let me know if you like them and if so, I’ll make this a regular feature. Also, leave comments if you have any favourites not on my list!

I’ve included links to the relevant YouTube videos, so you can find them easily.

Now get practicing!

1. Yo Soy Babalu – Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz

2. Other Man – Jimi Charles Moody

3. Cuando Baila Ramon – Bobby Matos

4. Boogaloo Con Gale – Grupo Gale

5. No Boto Corriente – Billy Y Su Combo

6. El Trigueno Cintura – La Maxima 79

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Salsa at the Club

I recently spoke to a student who asked for some current chart music that they could dance salsa to when they went out to parties and clubs.
Obviously salsa music isn’t in great demand in the wilds of Suffolk and Norfolk, but if you know which songs to listen out for, you can still get up and show off your new salsa moves when you’re out and about.
So here’s a list of a few of my favourite, fairly current non salsa tracks to dance to.
Click each song title to go to a YouTube video of the same track.
In no particular order…
1. Trey Songz – Slow Motion
2. Ed Sheehan – Don’t
3. Tinie Tempah ft. Jess Glynne – Not Letting Go
4. Tiara Thomas – One Night
5. Sam Smith – Like I Can
6. Fifth Harmony ft. Kid Ink – Worth It
7. Kid Ink ft. Usher & Tinashe – Body Language
8. Pharell Williams – It Girl
9. Nao – Zillionaire
10. Shaggy, Mohimbi, Faydee & Costi – Habibi (I Need Your Love)

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So, you’ve recently started learning to dance salsa. Should you just stick with just salsa? Or move on and learn other styles straight away?

The challenge is that it can be confusing to learn just one dance, let alone two or three at the same time!

But wherever you hear salsa music (parties, after class etc) you’re likely to hear bachata and kizomba music too.

So…if you don’t try to learn all three, what do you do when they come on and somebody asks you to dance?

If you really want to enjoy the whole social dance experience, you need to learn at least the basics of these 3 dances as soon as possible.

That may seem like a mammoth task, but the good news is, there’s ways to make your job A LOT easier.

Here are my tips to learn faster and try to avoid getting completely confused and overloading yourself with info.

  1. Keep it simple. Just the basic step in each style is fine when you first start. Learn one step, stick with it for a couple of dances, and then you can maybe add step two. Try not to worry about your dance partner. We’ve all been in your situation and we understand if you’re struggling. We want to help you get better and we know it takes patience and big smiles along the way. (You can also wait until a song is half (or three quarters) finished before you ask someone to dance, then you won’t have to repeat your moves as much)!
  2. Don’t rush. We live in a “buy now – pay later” world. If you dance, the only option is to start at the bottom, work hard and gradually improve. Try not to hurry, but enjoy the journey. The learning process can be loads of fun and often the most fun dances are to be had when you’re first learning.
  3. Dance with advanced dancers. If you’re a man, ask an advanced dancer to help you with your dancing by keeping you in time, so you can try to remember your steps. If you’re a lady, let the guy know that you’re a beginner and just need to practice your basic steps. He should then be able to lead you and help you get the basics perfected.
  4. Write down moves. The accomplishes two things. First the act of writing/typing the name of the move helps you to remember it and second, you have a handy reminder on your phone/in your note book of all of the moves you’ve learned and need to practice (see next tip).
  5. Practice every day. This is probably the most important tip and the one least followed. A lot of people think they can’t practice at home for a lot of reasons. There’s nearly always a way and I’ll be writing another whole article on this subject very soon.
  6. Time management. It’s good to have a plan and if you can set aside 3 mins per day for each dance, you can learn them all in a surprisingly short time. With just 10 mins practice per day on top of your regular class/practice time, you can become a really good dancer, fast.

We teach both of these dance styles at workshops that we hold on a monthly basis in Bury St Edmunds and King’s Lynn.

If you’ve not come across bachata and kizomba before, have a look at these video clips where you can hear and see bachata and kizomba being demonstrated.

Bachata dancing.

Kizomba dancing.

Our next workshop is in Bury St Edmunds on Saturday 12th November (8pm – Midnight) where we’ll be teaching bachata & kizomba suitable for anyone at the beginner to intermediate level.

You can still book tickets at

Please feel free to comment below and share this post if you found it helpful. Thanks.

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Don’t miss out

A lot of people have been getting in touch over the last couple of days to ask me how to pay and how much for their salsa classes in February.

As the new pricing is workng out really well and is so much more popular, we’re sticking with it, so you can again pay just £25 for ALL of your lessons during the month of February and we’re including a free end of month party ticket again for our “Murder Mystery” themed party.

If you’d like to book and pay now, you can do so at

See you at class!

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Salsa in 2015

We have a new pricing structure for 2015 which is a lot more simple than the old pricing, but there’s good news and bad news.

The bad news is that the weekly price of our class is going up from £8 to £10 per week.

The good news is that for regular customers the price is DROPPING!

You can pay on the door as usual for £10 per week. Or…you can pay in advance for the month for just £25, which includes a FREE end of month PARTY TICKET.

Which makes our pay monthly option the cheapest way EVER to pay for your classes!

The price of a party ticket is also going up from £7 in advance to £8 and from £9 on the door to £10. Please note that if you want to pay in advance, you’ll need to do this within 24 hrs of the start, otherwise you’ll have to pay the full price.

If you’d like to sign up and pay for all of your classes in January for £25 and get your FREE PARTY TICKET, just click here to pay securely online with your debit/credit card or PayPal account.

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Salsa Dance Competition

Someone just asked me if we’re having a dance competition at our Secret Salsa Charity Gala event on 19th Dec.

We are! But it’s not like a normal dance competition. You don’t need to be the best dancer there to win! (in fact you don’t even need to be good. You just need to get up and have a go!).

It will work as follows:

1. There will be an announcement that a dance competition is about to start (you’ll also be told the prize).

2. If you want a chance at winning one of our prizes (currently includes cake, golf club, passes to Bury Leisure Centre, free salsa lessons and workshops, manicures with Scratched!, decorated Champagne and more) throw a pound coin into the box and choose a dance partner.

3. Dance.

4. Collect your number.

5. Try to unlock the padlock and chain on the prize.

6. Enjoy your prize (if you win).

We’re hoping to have a few chances to win during the night.

If you or the company you work for, has any unwanted gifts/items that we could use as prizes, we’d be most grateful.

All money from the competition will go to EACH (East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices).

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Bachata in Bury St Edmunds

“Bachata classes are essential for every Salsa student! I wish I had started learning Bachata sooner! I focused on just Salsa for several months, but then when I went out dancing, every time the DJ played a Bachata song, I had to sit down (or hide). Now that I took Bachata classes, I am out on the dance floor all night, and the ladies love getting close to me.” -Malcolm,  Philadelphia

And the same thing applies in the UK…If you want to impress on the dance-floor, bachata is essential. It’s also much slower and easier than salsa and a whole load of fun.

This Friday we have our last bachata workshop of 2014 at the Fornham All Saints community Centre, just outside of Bury St Edmunds.

We’ll have classes for absolute beginner dancers, right through to advanced and we’ll be teaching both the modern and traditional styles.

If you don’t know how nice bachata looks, go to the workshop page of our website at and check out the video.

You can book tickets (£15 each or £25 for couples) at the same place too (if you have any problems booking, e-mail me back and I’ll send you a PayPal invoice).

No partner needed – come and make a new bunch of friends.

Friendly people only please!

When? This Friday 12th Dec 8pm – midnight

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Cheap salsa in Dec

For the month of Dec, we have a special deal for anyone wanting to pay for their classes up front for the whole month.

Because there are only 3 classes in Dec, we’re offering the whole month at the reduced price of £20.

And not only that, we’ll throw in a FREE DEC PARTY TICKET too (Fri 19th Dec).

All you need to do to take advantage of our special offer and save between £11 and £17 is click the PayPal button below (you can pay securely using a debit/credit card or your PayPal account).

Amount of Tickets

That will give you entry into all 3 classes in Dec and the end of year Dec party.

See you at class!

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Party & Save £££’s

Just a quick reminder that it’s PARTY NIGHT this coming Friday (28th Nov).

This month we have a SPECIAL OFFER for our new & returning students.

If you’ve never been to one of our parties before, or you’ve not been to one this year so far, we’re offering a one time only ticket price of just £5 for the whole night! (you can still buy tickets on the door at £9).

To take advantage of this SPECIAL OFFER.. please e-mail/message me (Mark) before midnight on Wednesday this week and I’ll send you an invoice. (Please also mention in your e-mail how many tickets you’d like at the reduced price).

For our regular students, you can still get the price of your tickets reduced from the door price of £9 to £7 by booking in advance at our classes or online at

Looking forward to a fun and dance filled Friday night.

See you there!

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Big changes at Secret Salsa classes

From 1st Oct 2014, our new class format at both our Bury St Edmunds salsa class and our King’s Lynn salsa class will be as follows:

3 levels of class (beginner, intermediate and advanced) from 8.00pm – 9.30pm

30 mins freestyle/social 9.30 – 10.00pm after the main class, as part of the class (I won’t lock you in, but I will encourage you to stay if possible!).

This means that whatever level you usually dance at, you’ll be able to dance at that level for the whole hour and a half, rather than changing levels (up or down) halfway through.

We’ll also be introducing new teachers and rotating teachers around the classes more (apart from in the beginner class), so you won’t get so bored with my voice in the advanced class!

A new payment plan will be starting for anyone that joins us after 1st Oct 2014. The new charge for the whole 2 hours will be £10 per week, paid on the door, with a new monthly payment price of £20 (half price salsa!).

For all of our existing students, the price will remain exactly the same as it is now (£8 on the door or £24 per month) until further notice. If the new payment option proves popular, we’ll consider applying it across the board in the future, but we’ll give you plenty of notice. Please comment below if you like/hate this, or anything else in this e-mail (apart from me. I don’t want to hear about that).

I hope that the changes have a beneficial effect on helping people (especially at the lower levels) to learn to dance, faster and help reduce the stress of moving up the levels etc.

Again, please feel free to air your views in the comments section below. We want our classes to be how you want them.

Thanks for listening,

Mark W

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