Big changes at Secret Salsa classes

From 1st Oct 2014, our new class format at both our Bury St Edmunds salsa class and our King’s Lynn salsa class will be as follows:

3 levels of class (beginner, intermediate and advanced) from 8.00pm – 9.30pm

30 mins freestyle/social 9.30 – 10.00pm after the main class, as part of the class (I won’t lock you in, but I will encourage you to stay if possible!).

This means that whatever level you usually dance at, you’ll be able to dance at that level for the whole hour and a half, rather than changing levels (up or down) halfway through.

We’ll also be introducing new teachers and rotating teachers around the classes more (apart from in the beginner class), so you won’t get so bored with my voice in the advanced class!

A new payment plan will be starting for anyone that joins us after 1st Oct 2014. The new charge for the whole 2 hours will be £10 per week, paid on the door, with a new monthly payment price of £20 (half price salsa!).

For all of our existing students, the price will remain exactly the same as it is now (£8 on the door or £24 per month) until further notice. If the new payment option proves popular, we’ll consider applying it across the board in the future, but we’ll give you plenty of notice. Please comment below if you like/hate this, or anything else in this e-mail (apart from me. I don’t want to hear about that).

I hope that the changes have a beneficial effect on helping people (especially at the lower levels) to learn to dance, faster and help reduce the stress of moving up the levels etc.

Again, please feel free to air your views in the comments section below. We want our classes to be how you want them.

Thanks for listening,

Mark W

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