Salsa Dance Competition

Someone just asked me if we’re having a dance competition at our Secret Salsa Charity Gala event on 19th Dec.

We are! But it’s not like a normal dance competition. You don’t need to be the best dancer there to win! (in fact you don’t even need to be good. You just need to get up and have a go!).

It will work as follows:

1. There will be an announcement that a dance competition is about to start (you’ll also be told the prize).

2. If you want a chance at winning one of our prizes (currently includes cake, golf club, passes to Bury Leisure Centre, free salsa lessons and workshops, manicures with Scratched!, decorated Champagne and more) throw a pound coin into the box and choose a dance partner.

3. Dance.

4. Collect your number.

5. Try to unlock the padlock and chain on the prize.

6. Enjoy your prize (if you win).

We’re hoping to have a few chances to win during the night.

If you or the company you work for, has any unwanted gifts/items that we could use as prizes, we’d be most grateful.

All money from the competition will go to EACH (East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices).

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