Salsa Bury St Edmunds & King's Lynn

Is This You?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, our classes could be just what you need.

Do you find it hard to relax and switch off from your problems at work or home in the evenings?

"When I first started salsa classes, I was running my own business and was under a lot of stress and I was really surprised to find that the hour each week that I spent learning to dance, was one of the very few hours where I managed to switch off from my business and the stress that went with it and actually laugh and have fun, sometimes not even thinking about my work for the whole hour." Mark

Do you feel that there's not enough fun and excitement in your life?

Salsa is both fun AND exciting. You might even find yourself getting a little addicted! So far, it's the only addiction I've found that's good for you (o:

Do you wish that there was another day you could look forward to as much as Friday?

Now there is. A lot of our students look forward to "salsa night" more than any other night of the week!

Do you want to lose weight/get fit?

Salsa dancing burns 250 - 500 calories per hour!

Are you bored with the gym?

Although it's good to work out at the gym, it can become a little repetitive and boring. I've lost count of the people who've mentioned how fast a salsa class speeds by. An hour of dancing can sometimes seem like 10 minutes!

Do you get bored sitting at home watching the TV every night?

Now you can switch off the TV, come and meet some friends and have a fun filled evening instead (and still record your favourite programs to watch later!).

Do you lack confidence?

Providing you can find the little bit of confidence needed to get you to your first class, dance classes can boost your confidence levels in many different ways. As you progress, you'll find yourself becoming more confident each week.

Want to meet new people?

If you've recently moved to the area, become single again or just want to expand your circle of friends, salsa is perfect. You get to meet a lot of people in a relatively short time and you instantly have something in common and so something to talk about. Almost all of the people at our classes are really friendly too. The unfriendly ones usually don't last too long and if this describes you, please stay at home ;o)

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If you related to any of the above and have decided to try our classes out, please click here to book onto our next 4 week beginner course (new courses start at the beginning of each month).

Where We Teach

Bury St Edmunds

Every Tuesday

Moreton Hall Community Centre
Symonds Road
Bury St Edmunds
IP32 7EW

For more information about our Bury St Edmunds class click here or to book your place on our 4 week beginner course, click here.

King's Lynn

Every Wednesday

Reffley Community Centre
Reffley Lane
King's Lynn
PE30 3EQ

For more information about our King's Lynn class click here or to book your place on our 4 week beginner course, click here.

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New beginners sign up here

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