What should I wear?

Any casual clothing is fine. Just wear what you feel comfortable in. Please bear in mind that salsa is very good exercise and you'll probably get quite hot, so layers are a good idea.

What sort of footwear should I wear?

The most important thing about footwear is that it stays on your feet. So flip-flops are definitely not good! Shoes that have a non-grip sole (ie: not rubber) are best, but don't worry too much. If you only have rubber soled shoes, wear them and if you find that you want to keep dancing, we can advise what's best later.

Do I need to bring a partner?

No. Unlike most ballroom classes where you need to come as a couple, at our salsa classes you can come alone, with a friend OR as a couple. We rotate everyone around in our classes which we find makes for better all-round dancers and is also a lot more sociable. It means that you'll get to know everyone really quickly too!

How much do the classes cost?

Our classes are £30 per calendar month and come with a 100% money back guarantee. If you don't love the first class, just let us know within 48hrs and we'll give you the whole £30 back. No questions asked. If you do love the class (you will!), you don't have to do anything from then on apart from show up each week, learn some new moves and have as much fun as you can handle. Our subscription payments are automatic on the same day each month.

Am I too old?

We don't have an upper age limit, but most of the people in our classes are from 20 to 50's. We also have quite a number of people older than that and provided you're fit enough to walk at a fast pace, you shouldn't have much of a problem in at least our first 2 levels of class. You'll certainly find people welcoming and friendly.

Am I too young?

Our classes are advertised for adults but we welcome young students provided that they understand this and act accordingly. We also need to know before the class if you're under the age of 18. Also, if you're below the age of 16, you'll need to be accompanied by an adult, but you're more than welcome to attend as long as you bear all of this in mind.

What sort of music do you play?

This may seem like a strange question, but although we play a lot of salsa music at our classes, you can dance salsa to any music that's the right tempo and rhythm. Because of this we like to play a varied mix of music at our classes including R&B, hip hop and pop. We try to keep the music varied and interesting and are always open to requests if they fit with the class.

Can I get a drink there

At our Bury St Edmunds class there's a fully licenced bar, but at our King's Lynn and Sudbury classes there isn't, so make sure you bring a bottle of water (or similar) with you.

When can I start?

Our classes are designed so that you can start any week, whether you are a beginner or a more experienced dancer. We suggest you subscribe now to secure your place, but if you are not ready to start immediately, just let us know and we will arrange a proportionate refund. You can reserve your place, by subscribing, up to a month in advance.

I can't make it every week, does that matter?

No. You can do any of our classes on a 'drop in' basis. It may take you a little longer to learn, but we understand that people lead busy lives, so we've organised our classes so you can take them as and when it's convenient for you.

How do class subscriptions work?

By choosing one of our class subscriptions you get: - Our most competitive weekly class price - 40% discount on monthly party tickets - Access to additional benefits such as an members only forum and practice videos - Up to 4 weeks refunds for holiday any year without losing your subscription benefits The classes cost £30 per calendar month and covers all weekly classes while you remain subscribed (whether there are 4 or 5 weeks in the month). You can reserve your place by booking up to a month in advance, but if you are not ready to start for a few weeks, just let us know at the time of booking and we will refund you up until your start date. Please read our terms and conditions for full details about how subscriptions work and our cancellation policy.

What style of salsa do you teach at your classes ?

At Secret Salsa, we teach LA-style salsa. This style of salsa was popularized in Los Angeles but is now danced around the world. It is danced in the ‘slot’, similar to New York-style salsa but is distinguished from it for being danced on the 1 beat rather than on 2.

What Covid-19 saftey measures do you have in place at your classes/events?

  • Reduced numbers at classes – increasing incrementally as we assess the risk and safety of our customers and staff going forwards
  • Hand sanitizer available at all venues & extra soap
  • Option to dance as a couple, rather than rotating around within the class
  • Touch free sign in
  • Prebooked places only - no walk ins
  • Refunds for anyone testing positive for Covid-19
  • Option to wear masks and spare disposable masks available in case you forget yours
  • Open window policy/ only 'fresh' air conditioning used.

What level of class is right for me?

Beginner Level

If you have not danced salsa before, or if you are new to LA- style salsa, you will need to start in the beginner class which is suitable for absolute beginners. There is some footwork to learn but we quickly progress you to partner dancing. We teach a course of foundation salsa moves which is repeated, with some variation, each calendar month. The beginner classes are structured so that, even if you have not danced before, you can join any week.

Improver Level

This is suitable for anyone who has learned the foundation salsa moves that we cover in our beginner level and feels confident executing these in social dancing. This level covers a mix of moves – both new moves and variations of those you learn in the beginner course. Everyone learns and develops confidence at a different pace but to give you an idea, you could, with practice, move up to this level after about 1 or 2 months in the beginner class.

Intermediate Level

This is suitable for someone who feels like they are ready for a new challenge and who can dance improver level moves with confidence. Each week will feature a new unique routine which you can learn and practice in social dancing and at home after the class. Your teacher will cover the moves in detail and break down the steps, the lead/follow techniques and styling options.

Advanced Level

This class is for anyone who can dance intermediate level moves with confidence. Each week will feature a new unique routine which you can learn and practice in social dancing and at home after the class. Your teacher will cover the moves in detail and break down the steps, the lead/follow techniques and styling options.

Our Secret Salsa teachers can help guide you regarding the best level. For more experienced dancers it can sometimes it can help to revisit more foundation levels for a time to help improve confidence or focus on specific areas of your dancing you wish to improve.

Please note not all of the above levels are available at our classes at all times.

What if I can no longer attend class or wish to cancel my subscription?

We would of course be sad to see you go. If there is anything we can do to help you continue to attend class, we would welcome a chat about it, so feel free to contact us or speak to any Secret Salsa Teacher or Helper at class anytime. Unlike many other subscriptions, you can request refunds for up to 4 weeks across any calendar year without cancelling your subscription so that you don’t have to pay for classes when you are away on holiday or for any other reason. Just email bookings@secretsalsa.co.uk You can cancel your subscription at any time with PayPal, Stripe, your card provider or by emailing bookings@secretsalsa.co.uk Please read our terms and conditions for full details about how subscriptions work and our cancellation policy.


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