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How to remember salsa steps

Tip: Practice after your salsa class.

Do you find that you forget most of the moves you learn, within a very short space of time?

As soon as the class has finished, sit down for 5 – 10 minutes to catch your breath and grab a drink, then get back on the floor to run through what you just learned.

Don’t worry about remembering it exactly as it was taught either. Breaking the routine apart into individual moves and putting them together in different ways is how you learn to improvise and start making your dancing personal, rather than just repeating moves and routines parrot fashion.

If you do this for just one or two tracks after each class, you’ll find yourself remembering LOTS more moves, it will improve your overall dancing and make you much more confident at parties.

Although this is more of a tip for men, it applies to ladies too. If you don’t stay behind for a few minutes after each class to dance, you’ll never build confidence for your dancing.

For you, a huge part of learning to dance is dancing without knowing which moves are about to be performed and the only way to learn this, is to dance and make LOTS of mistakes. It’s much better to make them after a class rather than at a party!

Try to start making a point of staying for just one or two dances (at least) after each class and you’ll be helping your fellow dancers AND yourself and unlike most things in this world it’s absolutely free (o:

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