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Solo salsa practice

Solo salsa steps shines

A lot of people tell me that they can’t practice their salsa dancing away from class, as they don’t have anyone to practice with, and/or don’t have a dancefloor to practice on.

Although these two situations may reduce the amount of things you can practice, there’s still LOTS that you can do on your own, with or without a good floor.

The first and most important thing you can learn and practice are the basic salsa steps. This may seem obvious, but how well do you really know them?

Often, when people move up through our class levels, they move on too early and don’t really know the basics well enough. This can have a bad effect later on and cause you to struggle more at the higher levels.

To move on at the most rapid rate possible, it’s really important to do three things:

1. Attend at least one class each week. (If you can get to more than one, it will make a BIG difference).

2. Practice at home. Even 5 minutes a day can make a huge difference.

3. Dance/practice with other people. Hone your moves, either after our classes, (we always have at least 30 mins dance practice at the end) or at a party (we hold regular salsa parties on the last Friday of every month, in Bury St Edmunds).

Things to practice:

1. Your basic steps (you can now find short videos of all of the men’s and lady’s basic steps on our beginner salsa videos page).

2. Footwork patterns. This will help you look great whenever you’re doing shines at parties!

3. Styling. Preferably in front of a mirror if you want to make sure you look good.

4. Memory practice. Running through steps without actually doing all of the turns and spins can really help the moves/routines that you’re learning, sink deep down into your memory.

5. Facial expressions! ;o)

If you found any of the information in this post helpful, please share it with your friends using the links. Thank you.

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