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Salsa Class Music

After the salsa & kizomba classes last week, a few people asked me about music that I had played during the classes.

Here's a list of the tracks I used.

I hope you enjoy listening to them and can use them to practice your steps.

First up: Jibaro Soy by Raphy Leavitt

Then: No Soy Para Ti by Ismael Rivera

During the break: Boliviana by Ritmo Alegria

Then: Es Guaguanco by La Candela

And the last salsa track was: Chan Chan by The Buena Vista Social Club

The first kizomba track: Beija-me by Edmylson

Finishing with: Para by Nilton Ramalho

And that's it!

I hope they were useful.

See you at a class or party soon!


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