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7 Great Kizomba Tracks For Practice

I've been asked tonight to recommend a few kizomba tracks for a couple at our classes to practice to.

Here's my list of 7 slow tracks, in no particular order.

Start practicing now, to make your kizomba hotter than the hinges of hell!

If you'd like some new moves to go with your new music, book a ticket for our next kizomba workshop on Saturday 16th March 2019.

And let me know which tracks you like most by posting below.

First up Dam Bo Amor by Mika Mendes

Achitiana by Carlos De Lina

Unica by Marcia

Besa Me by Jamice

Para by Nilton Ramalho

Lento by Daniel Santacruz

Encosta by Mika Mendes

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