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Top Tips for Parties

Do you get nervous thinking about coming to our salsa parties or worry you won’t know enough to enjoy the dancing?

Browse these top tips for inspiration

1. Get there early!

Doors open at 8pm and there is a chance to chat with and get to know people before the class starts. There is a bar and you can relax a bit into your environment.

2. Take part in the class

The short classes start at 8.30pm. It’s a great way to get to know people before the main freestyle and makes it lot less daunting asking someone to dance if you have already said hi and had a little dance together. There’s always a beginner class level if you are an absolute beginner or in your first few weeks of learning.

3. Tell your partner your level

If you feel self conscious that you might not know many moves on the dancefloor, you can definitely confide in your dance partner! Experienced leaders who don’t know the level of their dance partner should start with basic beginner moves anyway and only move on to a level their partner can follow. Experienced followers totally enjoy dancing at a more basic level too – it’s true!

4. Challenge yourself

Set yourself an achievable target at the start of the evening – one that’s right for you whatever your experience. Eg.

· Dance with one new person

· Try out 2 moves from your classes this month

· Dance with a teacher

· Get to know someone new

· Dance with everyone with a hat on! (Obscure reference to our Hat's & Headwear Party!)


Even if you feel anxious - especially if you feel anxious - give your partner a big smile when you ask them to dance and during the dance. It will trick your brain into feeling less nervous and you will actually feel better. Try it!

At the end of the day, it does not matter if you can dance well or get all the steps right at a party. The important thing is to have a good time, laugh when it goes wrong, support each other and keep dancing. Nobody’s watching you and critiquing you – only yourself – they’re all more worried about themselves and are probably all feeling a mixture of similar feelings as you.

Our parties are on the last Friday of the month in Bury St Edmunds. It is a fun and welcoming environment and great if you are coming alone, with a friend or as a couple. Our parties are great for total beginners too.


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