Salsa Practice Music

I often have people ask me to recommend music (salsa and other styles) to listen to and, more importantly, practice their dance steps to, so over the coming months, I’ve decided to put together a few playlists of my favourite slow to medium speed songs that are ideal for practice, along with some faster songs that I love to listen to.

Please comment below to let me know if you like them and if so, I’ll make this a regular feature. Also, leave comments if you have any favourites not on my list!

I’ve included links to the relevant YouTube videos, so you can find them easily.

Now get practicing!

1. Yo Soy Babalu – Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz

2. Other Man – Jimi Charles Moody

3. Cuando Baila Ramon – Bobby Matos

4. Boogaloo Con Gale – Grupo Gale

5. No Boto Corriente – Billy Y Su Combo

6. El Trigueno Cintura – La Maxima 79

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2 Responses to Salsa Practice Music

  1. Jan says:

    I’m dancin to number 6! :-)

  2. Great track. Can’t keep still :-D

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