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How Salsa Helps Your Health

If you're already a class member, you probably don't need convincing about the health benefits of salsa - we hear this from you all the time which is wonderful!

Whether you are new to salsa or an 'old' pro, there are great benefits you can get from taking that first or next step on the dance floor...

1. It's great all round exercise

A 60 minute salsa class could burn up to 500 calories!*

Already coming to a weekly class? - try upping your weekly exercise by coming along to second weekly class (half price for our subscribers) or stopping at the end of the class to dance an extra freestyle track or two!

2. You don't feel like your are exercising

Because salsa is so much fun and really sociable, you won't even notice you are exercising - other than starting to feel quite warm after 20 minutes! And the time flies so's very different from the gym but has similar benefits

2. It really helps with anxiety and stress

When you are concentrating on learning something new, your brain is so distracted and focused that you do not have time to think about any of your worries - trust us! It gives your brain a rest from over thinking and you will find yourself smiling unexpectedly.

If you are an existing class member and you have noticed yourself getting distracted at class, it might be worth stretching yourself and going up to our intermediate or advanced level - go on, you can do it!


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